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Campbell, D. (author), de Beer, J. (author), Mielby, S. (author), van Campenhout, I. (author), van der Meulen, M. (author), Erikkson, I. (author), Ganerod, G. (author), Lawrence, D. (author), Bacic, M. (author), Donald, A. (author), Gogu, C.R. (author), Jelenek, J. (author)
The European COST Sub-Urban Action (TU1206) has had the fundamental aim of closing the knowledge gap between subsurface experts and potential users of subsurface knowledge - urban decision- makers, practitioners and researchers. The Action assembled a network involving >30 countries, 23 actively participating cities, researchers, practitioners...
conference paper 2017
Braubach, M. (author), Tobollik, M. (author), Mudu, P. (author), Hiscock, R. (author), Chapizanis, D. (author), Sarigiannis, D.A. (author), Keuken, M. (author), Perez, L. (author), Martuzzi, M. (author)
Well-being impact assessments of urban interventions are a difficult challenge, as there is no agreed methodology and scarce evidence on the relationship between environmental conditions and well-being. The European Union (EU) project “Urban Reduction of Greenhouse Gas Emissions in China and Europe” (URGENCHE) explored a methodological approach...
article 2015