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Behrouzian, A.R.B. (author), Goswami, D. (author), Geilen, M. (author), Hendriks, M. (author), Alizadeh Ara, H. (author), van Horssen, E.P. (author), Heemels, W.P.M.H. (author), Basten, T. (author)
This paper proposes methods for verification of (m, k)-firmness properties of control applications running on a shared TDMA-scheduled processor. We particularly consider dropped samples arising from processor sharing. Based on the available processor budget for any sample that is ready for execution, the Finite-Point (FP) method is proposed for...
conference paper 2016
Doornbos, R. (author), Verriet, J. (author), Verberkt, M. (author)
Modern lighting systems are configurable systems-of-systems that have to operate in an environment that they cannot fully control. These systems have to guarantee the continuation of their functionality regardless of the events in their environment. As testing and simulation are not able to identify all possible interactions of a lighting system...
conference paper 2015