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Stuldreher, I.V. (author), Merasli, A. (author), Thammasan, N. (author), van Erp, J.B.F. (author), Brouwer, A.M. (author)
Research on brain signals as indicators of a certain attentional state is moving from laboratory environments to everyday settings. Uncovering the attentional focus of individuals in such settings is challenging because there is usually limited information about real-world events, as well as a lack of data from the real-world context at hand...
article 2022
Oosterman, D.T. (author), Langenkamp, W.H. (author), van Bergen, E.L. (author)
In this paper we describe our initial findings on a method for improving anomaly detection on a dataset with scarcely labeled data, based on an ongoing use-case with the Belgian Customs Administration (BCA). Data on shipping containers is used to predict the level of risk associated with a shipment, as well as the probability that the shipment...
conference paper 2022
Goodacre, R. (author), Broadhurst, D. (author), Smilde, A.K. (author), Kristal, B.S. (author), Baker, J.D. (author), Beger, R. (author), Bessant, C. (author), Connor, S. (author), Capuani, G. (author), Craig, A. (author), Ebbels, T. (author), Kell, D.B. (author), Manetti, C. (author), Newton, J. (author), Paternostro, G. (author), Somorjai, R. (author), Sjöström, M. (author), Trygg, J. (author), Wulfert, F. (author), TNO Kwaliteit van Leven (author)
The goal of this group is to define the reporting requirements associated with the statistical analysis (including univariate, multivariate, informatics, machine learning etc.) of metabolite data with respect to other measured/collected experimental data (often called meta-data). These definitions will embrace as many aspects of a complete...
article 2007