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Barros, E.G.D. (author), Leeuwenburgh, O. (author), Szklarz, S.P. (author)
We propose a quantitative model-based workflow for conformance verification of CO2 storage projects. Bayesian inference is applied to update an ensemble of simulation models that capture prior uncertainty based on mis matches with measured data. Conformance assessments are derived by comparison of updated model predictions with storage permit...
article 2021
Masin, M. (author), Palumbo, F. (author), Myrhaug, H. (author), De Oliveira Filho, J.A. (author), Pastena, M. (author), Pelcat, M. (author), Raffo, L. (author), Regazzoni, F. (author), Sanchez, A.A. (author), Toffetti, A. (author), de la Torre, E. (author), Zedda, K. (author)
In the last few years, besides the concepts of embedded and interconnected systems, also the notion of Cyber-Physical Systems (CPS) has emerged: embedded computational collaborating devices, capable of sensing and controlling physical elements and, often, responding to humans. The continuous interaction between physical and computing layers...
conference paper 2017