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Ramesh, S. (author), Nieuwenhof, R.J.C. (author), Seykens, X. (author), Srinivasan, S. (author), Sharma, G. (author)
SCR on Filter (SCRoF) is an efficient and compact NOX and PM reduction technology already used in series production for light-duty applications. The technology is now finding its way into the medium duty and heavy duty market. One of the key challenges for successful application is the robustness to real world variations. The solution to this...
conference paper 2016
Hofman, W. (author), Rajagopal, M.R. (author)
Besides supporting bilateral transactions, enterprise interoperability can also be applied to coordinate operational processes of stakeholders. With today's technology, each of these stakeholders can be equipped with actuators like applications on smart devices. Where applications support interaction of a user with its environment, smart devices...
conference paper 2015
Heemskerk, C. (author), de Baar, M. (author), Elzendoorn, B. (author), Koning, J. (author), Verhoeven, T. (author), de Vreede, F. (author), TNO Industrie en Techniek (author)
In ITER, maintenance operations in the vessel and in the Hot Cell will be largely done by Remote Handling (RH). Remotely performed maintenance actions tend to be more time-costly than actions performed by direct human access. With a human operator in the control loop and adequate situational feedback, a two-armed master slave manipulator system...
article 2009