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Eslami Amirabadi, H. (author), Tuerlings, M. (author), Hollestelle, A. (author), SahebAli, S. (author), Luttge, R. (author), van Donkelaar, C.C. (author), Martens, J.W.M. (author), den Toonder, J.M.J. (author)
E-cadherin is a cell-cell adhesion protein that plays a prominent role in cancer invasion. Inactivation of E-cadherin in breast cancer can arise from gene promoter hypermethylation or genetic mutation. Depending on their E-cadherin status, breast cancer cells adopt different morphologies with distinct invasion modes. The tumor microenvironment ...
article 2019
Shankar, K. (author), Pivik, R.T. (author), Johnson, S.L. (author), van Ommen, B. (author), Demmer, E. (author), Murray, R. (author)
Understanding health requires more than knowledge of the genome. Environmental factors regulate gene function through epigenetics. Collectively, environmental exposures have been called the "exposome." Caregivers are instrumental in shaping exposures in a child's initial years. Maternal dietary patterns, physical activity, degree of weight gain,...
article 2018