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Cani, D. (author), van der Waal, J.C. (author), Pescarmona, P.P. (author)
A series of photocatalysts consisting of C- and N-doped titanium dioxide (TiO2) nanoparticles highly dispersed and firmly embedded at the surface of a silica matrix were prepared using a novel synthesis method in which activated carbon has a double role: it acts as support for depositing the TiO2 nanoparticles and as hard template for generating...
article 2021
Zardetto, V. (author), Di Giacomo, F. (author), Lucarelli, G. (author), Kessels, W.M.M. (author), Brown, T.M. (author), Creatore, M. (author)
In mesostructured perovskite solar cell devices, charge recombination processes at the interface between the transparent conductive oxide, perovskite and hole transport layer are suppressed by depositing an efficient compact TiO2 blocking layer. In this contribution we investigate the role of the atomic layer deposited TiO2 on ITO-PET substrates...
article 2017