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Zanoletti, M. (author), Marti, A. (author), Marengo, M. (author), Iametti, S. (author), Pagani, M.A. (author), Renzetti, S. (author)
A molecular and material science approach is used to describe the influence of coarse and fine buckwheat bran on wheat dough properties and bread textural quality. Focus is given on (i) gluten solvation and structural arrangements in presence of bran as studied by front-face fluorescence; (ii) thermo-mechanical behavior of dough during heating...
article 2017
Peng, X.B. (author), Hirsch, M. (author), Köppen, M. (author), Fellinger, J. (author), Bykov, V. (author), Schauer, F. (author), Vliegenthart, W.A. (author)
A 10 channels interferometer will be used in the Wendelstein 7-X (W7-X) for plasma density control and density profile tracking with laser beams passing through the plasma. Due to complex shape of non-planar modular coils and divertor structure, there are no large poloidally opposite ports on the plasma vessel (PV). Therefore 10 in-vessel Corner...
article 2014
Fatemi, J. (author), Lemmen, M.H.J. (author), TNO Industrie en Techniek (author)
The present work addresses the computation of the effective thermal and mechanical properties of a honeycombcore sandwich panel. The panel considered has a hexagon-cell honeycomb core. An alternative method, based on the Gebhart factors within a hexagonal cell, is presented in addition to the familiar Swann-Pittman method. The advantage of the...
article 2009