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Sögütoglu, L.C. (author), Donkers, P.A.J. (author), Fischer, H.R. (author), Huinink, H.P. (author), Adan, O.C.G. (author)
Thermochemical materials K2CO3, MgCl2 and Na2S have been investigated in depth on energy density, power output and chemical stability in view of domestic heat storage application, presenting a critical assessment of potential chemical side reactions in an open and closed reactor concept. These materials were selected based on a recent review on...
article 2018
de Jong, A.J. (author), van Vliet, L.D. (author), Hoegaerts, C.L.G. (author), Roelands, C.P.M. (author), Cuypers, R. (author)
Long-term and compact storage of solar energy is crucial for the eventual transition to a 100% renewable energy economy. For this, thermochemical materials provide a promising solution. The compactness of a long-term storage system is determined by the thermochemical reaction, operating conditions, and system implementation with the necessary...
conference paper 2016
Roelands, C.P.M. (author), Cuypers, R. (author), Kruit, K.D. (author), Oversloot, H.P. (author), de Jong, A.J. (author), Duvalois, W. (author), van Vliet, L. (author), Hoegaerts, C.L.G. (author)
Bottlenecks for realizing a commercial system for thermochemical heat storage (TCS) with hygroscopic salts are the chemical, physical and mechanical stability of the salt under operation conditions. Hence, improved knowledge of thermochemical materials (TCMs) is critical to spur progress in TCS system development. Sodium sulfide hydrates (Na2S...
conference paper 2015