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Oudenhuijzen, A.J.K. (author), Erich, S.J.F. (author), Gjaltema, C. (author), Bakkers, E. (author)
The objective of the National Technology project ReSpire is to develop a personal cooling system for soldiers. The aim is to enhance the soldiers sweat efficiency using a stream of air ventilating around the soldier’s torso. This document describes the design of the cooling system. Several attempts to develop cooling systems are discussed first....
report 2017
Tapaninen, O. (author), Myohanen, P. (author), Majanen, M. (author), Sitomaniemi, A. (author), Olkkonen, J. (author), Hildenbrand, V. (author), Gielen, A.W.J. (author), Mackenzie, F.V. (author), Barink, M. (author), Smilauer, V. (author), Patzak, B. (author)
This paper presents a test case for coupling two physical aspects of an LED, optical and thermal, using specific simulation models coupled through an open source platform for distributed multi-physics modelling. The glue code for coupling is written with Python programming language including routines to interface specific simulation models. This...
conference paper 2016
Ye, H. (author), Koh, S.W. (author), Yuan, C. (author), van Zeijl, H. (author), Gielen, A.W.J. (author), Lee, S.W.R. (author), Zhang, G. (author)
The drive of increased electrical currents to achieve high luminous output for phosphor-converted white light-emitting diodes (PW-LED) has led to a series of thermal problems. The light performance of PW-LED is affected by the heat generated by the two major sources in a package/module: chip(s) and phosphors. In this work, spectral shift and...
article 2014