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Jiang, Q. (author), Bertolo, V.M. (author), Pallaspuro, S. (author), Popovich, V. (author), Sietsma, J. (author), Walters, C.L. (author)
Multi-barrier cleavage models consider cleavage fracture which is characterized by a series of microscale events. One of the challenges for multi-barrier cleavage models is the strong variations of cleavage parameters across different types of steels. The source and magnitude of the variations have not been studied systematically. In the current...
article 2023
Copppejans, O.J. (author), Walters, C.L. (author)
The local approach to modelling ductile tearing is a useful technique to give insight into fracture mechanics. However, applications of the local approach have been stymied by the high cost of finding the parameters that characterize it because of the number of specimens and expensive post-processing that the testing requires. In this paper, a...
conference paper 2017