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van Tongeren, R. (author), Gietelink, O.J. (author), de Schutter, B. (author), Verhaegen, M. (author)
This paper presents a microscopic traffic model for the validation of advanced driver assistance systems. This model describes single-lane traffic and is calibrated with data from a field operational test. To illustrate the use of the model, a Monte Carlo simulation of single-lane traffic scenarios is executed with application to cooperative...
conference paper 2007
Ploeg, J. (author), Gietelink, O.J. (author), Verburg, D.J. (author), TNO Kwaliteit van Leven (author)
This paper presents a cooperative longitudinal control system for a cluster of vehicles using an environment sensor (radar) and vehicle-to-vehicle communication. The controller computes a desired acceleration that is realized by a lower-level control loop to obtain a smooth and safe traffic flow in a string of vehicles. State information from...
conference paper 2006