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Rijkeboer, R.C. (author), Hendriksen, P. (author), Gense, N.L.J. (author), TNO Wegtransportmiddelen (author)
With increasing complexity of engine management system there is a tendency for traditional driving cyles to become further and further removed from reality. So for a sensible evaluation of emissions and fuel consumption of road vehicles in the field there is an urgent need for 'real-world' driving patterns. Existing 'standard' driving cycles can...
conference paper 2001
van de Weijer, C.J.T. (author), Rijkeboer, R.C. (author), TNO Wegtransportmiddelen (author)
In the development of the new emission reduction technologies, the benefits of the use of these technologies must be assessed for real-life engine use. As in practice engines are developed to perform as good as possible on the approval test cycle on the basis of which emission limits are set, it is of the utmost importance that the engine load...
conference paper 1999
Rijkeboer, R.C. (author), Bijsterbosch, B.J. (author), Baarbé, H.L. (author), Bata, R. (author), TNO Wegtransportmiddelen (author)
Measurement procedures for the legal limitation of emissions from heavy duty engines should adequately reflect the actual use of such engines in practice. Equally important is the possibility to monitor the emission performance of certified engines on the market. This paper gives a short overview of the experiences with the Dutch in-use...
conference paper 1997