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Marques-Carneiro, J.E. (author), Polgari, P. (author), Koning, E. (author), Seyller, E. (author), Martin, B. (author), van der Burg, E. (author), Giersch, A. (author)
Learning and imitating a complex motor action requires to visually follow complex movements, but conscious perception seems too slow for such tasks. Recent findings suggest that visual perception has a higher temporal resolution at an unconscious than at a conscious level. Here we investigate whether high-temporal resolution in visual perception...
article 2020
Talbot, D. (author), van der Burg, E. (author), Cass, J. (author)
Recently, Cass and Van der Burg demonstrated that temporal order judgment (TOJ) precision could be profoundly impaired by the mere presence of dynamic visual clutter elsewhere in the visual field. This study examines whether presenting target and distractor objects in different depth planes might ameliorate this remote temporal camouflage (RTC)...
article 2017