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de Laat, J. (author), Weemstra, C. (author), Verdel, A. (author), Jousset, P. (author), Blanck, H. (author)
Timing errors are a notorious problem in seismic data acquisition and processing. A technique is presented that allows such time shifts to be detected and corrected in a systematic fashion. The methodology relies on virtual-source responses retrieved through the application of seismic interferometry (SI). In application to recordings of ambient...
conference paper 2018
van Brug, H. (author)
This article will give an overview of all effects that determine the spectral features amplitude (SFA). The origin of spectral features is explained and methods are indicated that can be used to minimize the SFA. Spectral features are observed in the ratio between two spectra of sun calibration measurements. Mechanisms helping to reduce spectral...
conference paper 2011