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Hazenberg, A. (author), Kerstjens, H.A.M. (author), Prins, S.C.L. (author), Vermeulen, K.M. (author), Wijkstra, P.J. (author)
Introduction Home mechanical ventilation (HMV) in the Netherlands is normally initiated in hospital, but this is expensive and often a burden for the patient. In this randomised controlled study we investigated whether initiation of HMV at home in patients with chronic respiratory failure is non-inferior to an in hospital based setting. Methods...
article 2014
van Dijk, R.B. (author), van der Klauw, D.M. (author), Rovekamp, A.J.M. (author)
report 2013
Balk, A.H. (author), Davidse, W. (author), van Dommelen, P. (author), Klaassen, E. (author), Caliskan, K. (author), van der Burgh, P. (author), Leenders, C.M. (author), TNO Kwaliteit van Leven (author), KvL (author)
Background: New strategies are required to optimize care in increasing numbers of chronic heart failure patients. The aim of this randomised trial was to evaluate a remote guidance system. Methods: Intervention group patients received a home TV-channel providing educational materials. Tele-guidance was performed by a Medical Service Centre....
article 2008