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Pupa, A. (author), van Dijk, W. (author), Brekelmans, C. (author), Secchis, C. (author)
Effective task scheduling in human-robot collaboration (HRC) scenarios is one of the great challenges of collaborative robotics. The shared workspace inside an industrial setting brings a lot of uncertainties that cannot be foreseen. A prior offline task scheduling strategy is ineffective in dealing with these uncertainties. In this paper, a...
article 2022
Pupa, A. (author), van Dijk, W. (author), Secchi, C. (author)
In collaborative robotic applications, human and robot have to work together during a whole shift for executing a sequence of jobs. The performance of the human robot team can be enhanced by scheduling the right tasks to the human and the robot. The scheduling should consider the task execution constraints, the variability in the task execution...
article 2021
Weng, C.Y. (author), Tan, W.C. (author), Yuan, Q. (author), Chen, I.M. (author)
Given a robotic manipulation task, decision on which robotic configuration (robotic system and necessary peripherals, including assistant tools, sensor systems, and so on.) to use and evaluating performance of the solution remains as an open, challenging but a meaningful problem. This work attempts to address this problem by defining the concept...
article 2019