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Tluczkiewicz, I. (author), Buist, H.E. (author), Martin, M.T. (author), Mangelsdorf, I. (author), Escher, S.E. (author)
The present report describes a strategy to refine the current Cramer classification of the TTC concept using a broad database (DB) termed TTC RepDose. Cramer classes 1-3 overlap to some extent, indicating a need for a better separation of structural classes likely to be toxic, moderately toxic or of low toxicity.Groups of structurally similar...
article 2011
Escher, S.E. (author), Tluczkiewicz, I. (author), Batke, M. (author), Bitsch, A. (author), Melber, C. (author), Kroese, E.D. (author), Buist, H.E. (author), Mangelsdorf, I. (author), TNO Kwaliteit van Leven (author)
The thresholds of toxicological concern (TTCs) define limit values for substances of unknown toxicity below which dietary intake is considered to be of no concern to human health. The TTC concept has already been used for risk assessment of e.g. food contaminants or flavoring substances and is in discussion to be applied to other classes of...
article 2010