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Klous, L. (author), van Diemen, F. (author), Ruijs, S. (author), Gerrett, N. (author), Daanen, H. (author), de Weerd, M. (author), Veenstra, B. (author), Levels, K. (author)
Purpose: Three feasible cooling methods for treatment of hyperthermic individuals in the military, that differed considerably in water volume needed (none to ~80 L), were evaluated. Methods: Ten male soldiers were cooled following exercise-induced hyperthermia (rectal temperature (Tre) ∼39.5 °C) using ventilation by fanning (1.7 m s−1),...
article 2022
Leonov, V. (author), van Andel, Y. (author), Wang, Z. (author), Vullers, R.J.M. (author), van Hoof, C. (author)
The technology for in-plane poly-Si thermopiles has been developed. The bulkmicromachined thermopiles are located between two Si bars and connected thermally with those bars through thin-film thermal shunts. The patterned strips of thermocouple material together with thermal shunts form bridges between Si bars. Two versions of a thermoelectric...
article 2011