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van Lieshout, J.J. (author), Toska, K. (author), van Lieshout, E.J. (author), Eriksen, M. (author), Walløe, L. (author), Wesseling, K.H. (author), TNO Biomedical Instrumentation (author)
The proper understanding of the cardiovascular mechanisms involved in complaints of short-lasting dizziness and the evaluation of unexplained recurrent syncope requires continuous monitoring of cardiac stroke volume (SV) in addition to blood pressure and heart rate. The primary aim of the present study was to evaluate a pulse wave analysis...
article 2003
de Jong-de Vos Van Steenwijk, C.C.E. (author), Wieling, W. (author), Harms, M.P.M. (author), Wesseling, K.H. (author), TNO Biomedical Instrumentation (author)
1. Fainting is a common phenomenon in young subjects, but the final events before the actual faint are not well known. The aim of the present study was to study the inter-individual variability of haemodynamic events associated with near-fainting in children and teenagers. 2. Sixty-eight healthy subjects (aged 6-16 years) performed a 70°tilt-up...
article 1997
Jellema, W.T. (author), Imholz, B.P.M. (author), van Goudoever, J. (author), Wesseling, K.H. (author), van Lieshout, J.J. (author), Technisch Physische Dienst TNO - TH (author)
1. The aims of this study were to determine the clinical feasibility of continuous, non-invasive Finapres recordings as a replacement for intrabrachial pressure during a 30 min head-up tilt, and the reliability of continuous cardiac output computation by pulse contour analysis from the finger arterial versus the brachial waveform. 2. In eight...
article 1996