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Dobers, K. (author), Ehrler, V.C. (author), Davydenko, I. (author), Rudiger, D. (author), Clausen, U. (author)
Carbon footprinting is regarded as one means of enhancing transparency on where greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions 17 are produced within a transport chain and, thus, limiting the emissions and improving the efficiency of transport and transhipment, on both the demand and supply sides of the market. In order to meet global GHG reduction targets and...
conference paper 2019
Ehrler, V.C. (author), Seidel, S. (author), Lischke, A. (author), Davydenko, I. (author), Dobers, K. (author), Lewis, A. (author), Val, S. (author), Luzzini, D. (author)
Standardization of emission calculation is progressing swiftly in order to support the improvement of the sustainability of transport chains. Using the GLEC Framework v1.0 as a starting point, this research maps out, which further gaps need to be addressed for ensuring seamless coverage at a meaningful accuracy of such a calculation. The...
conference paper 2018
Dalmolen, S. (author), Cornelisse, E. (author), Stoter, A. (author), Hofman, W.J. (author), Bastiaansen, H.J.M. (author), Punter, L.M. (author), Knoors, F. (author)
In the current society, logistics is faced with the challenge to meet more stringent sustainability goals. Shippers and transport service providers both aim to reduce the carbon footprint of their logistic operations. To do so, optimal use of logistics resources and physical infrastructure should be aimed for. An adaptive decision making process...
conference paper 2012