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Scholliers, J. (author), van Sambeek, M. (author), Moerman, K. (author)
Introduction: This paper describes the development of an architecture for the integration of Vulnerable Road Users (VRUs), i.e. pedestrians, cyclists and powered two-wheelers (PTWs) in Cooperative ITS (C-ITS) systems, and the requirements for VRU devices. Methods: This paper starts with a literature overview on research related to safety...
article 2017
Pettazzi, F. (author), Bäumer, S.M.B. (author), van der Donck, J.C.J. (author), Deutz, A.F. (author)
Detection of nanoparticles is of paramount importance for contamination control in ultra-clean systems. Light scattering is a well-known detection method which is applied in many different scientific and technology domains including atmospheric physics, environmental control, and biology. It allows contactless and remote detection of sub-micron...
conference paper 2015