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Zijl, W. (author), TNO Bouw en Ondergrond (author)
Homogeneous effective permeabilities in the near-well region are generally obtained using analytical solutions for transient flow. In contrast, this paper focuses on heterogeneous permeability obtained from steady flow solutions, although extensions to unsteady flow are introduced too. Exterior calculus and its discretized form have been used as...
article 2007
Zijl, W. (author), Nawalany, M. (author), Nederlands Instituut voor Toegepaste Geowetenschappen TNO (author)
We present a velocity-oriented discrete analog of the partial differential equations governing porous media flow: the edge-based face element method. Conventional finite element techniques calculate pressures in the nodes of the grid. However, such methods do not satisfy the requirement of flux continuity at the faces. In contrast, the edge...
article 2004
van Gijzen, M.B. (author), Vreugdenhil, C.B. (author), Oksuzoglu, H. (author), TNO Fysisch en Elektronisch Laboratorium (author)
The no-normal-flow condition states that the stream-function is constant at solid boundaries. For multiply connected domains these (unknown) constants differ per boundary and must be determined from integral conditions. This complicates discretization and solution of the problem considerably. In this paper we describe a simple, elegant, and...
article 1998