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Peter, C. (author), Borello, E. Salina (author), Dalman, R.A.F. (author), Karamitopoulos, P. (author), Busschers, F. (author), Sacchi, Q. (author), Verga, F. (author)
Stratigraphic forward modelling (SFM) provides the means to produce geologically coherent and realistic models. In this paper, we demonstrate the possibility of matching lithological variability simulated with a basin-scale advection-diffusion SFM to a data-rich real-world setting, i.e. the Holocene Rhine-Meuse fluvio-deltaic system in the...
article 2020
Sacchi, Q. (author), Borello, E.S. (author), Weltje, G.J. (author), Dalman, R. (author)
Current static reservoir models are created by quantitative integration of interpreted well and seismic data through geostatistical tools. In these models, equiprobable realizations of structural settings and property distributions can be generated by stochastic simulation techniques. The integration of regional (or basin) scale knowledge in...
article 2016
Dalman, R.A.F. (author), Karamitopoulos, P. (author), Sacchi, Q. (author), Weltje, G.J. (author), Verweij, H. (author), Salina Borello, E. (author)
Classic geological reservoir characterisation relies on interpolation of high resolution well data with (at best) low resolution seismic derived data. In order to fill the data gap (e.g. in labyrinthine type fluvial deposits) we present a methodology to integrate basin scale information in reservoir scale static models by calibrating output from...
conference paper 2016