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van der Linden, K. (author), de Weerdt, M. (author), Morales-Espana, G. (author)
Abstract—In power systems, demand and supply always have to be balanced. This is becoming more challenging due to the sustained penetration of renewable energy sources and their inherit uncertain production. Because of the increasing amount of electrical vehicles (EVs), and the high capacity and flexibility of their charging process, EVs are a...
conference paper 2018
Romero, N. (author), van der Linden, K. (author), Morales España, G.A. (author), de Weerdt, M.M. (author)
The power system is undergoing a significant change as it adapts to the intermittency and uncertainty from renewable generation. Flexibility from loads such as electric vehicles (EVs) can serve as reserves to sustain the supply-demand balance in the grid. Some reserve markets have rules for participation that are computationally challenging for...
article 2021