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Kaustubh, M. (author), Willemsen, D.M.C. (author), Mazo, M. (author)
Proponents of autonomous driving pursue driverless technologies, whereas others foresee a gradual transition where there will be automated driving systems that share the control of the vehicle with the driver. With such advances it becomes pertinent that the developed automated systems need to be safe. One crucial aspect of safety is to prove...
conference paper 2016
Anand, S. (author), Terken, J. (author), Hogema, J. (author)
In an earlier study it was found that drivers can adjust quickly to different force feedback levels on the steering wheel, even for such extreme levels as zero feedback. It was hypothesized that, due to lack of cognitive load, participants could easily and quickly learn how to deal with extreme force feedback settings by giving more effort. The...
conference paper 2013
Anand, S. (author), Terken, J. (author), Hogema, J.H. (author)
Steer-by-wire systems provide drivers with the opportunity to personalize steering settings in vehicles. Studies conducted in the past have indicated that preferences for steering effort, one of the factors which affect steering feel, vary based on individual differences that include factors such as age, gender and driving style. These...
conference paper 2011