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Mentink, P. (author), Seykens, X. (author)
Complying to both the increasingly stringent pollutant emissions as well as (future) GHG emission legislation - with increased focus on in-use real-world emissions - puts a great challenge to the engine/aftertreatment control development process. Control system complexity, calibration and validation effort has increased dramatically over the...
conference paper 2019
Ramesh, S. (author), Nieuwenhof, R.J.C. (author), Seykens, X. (author), Srinivasan, S. (author), Sharma, G. (author)
SCR on Filter (SCRoF) is an efficient and compact NOX and PM reduction technology already used in series production for light-duty applications. The technology is now finding its way into the medium duty and heavy duty market. One of the key challenges for successful application is the robustness to real world variations. The solution to this...
conference paper 2016