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Faber, G.S. (author), Kingma, I. (author), Delleman, N. (author), van Dieën, J. (author)
This study investigated the effects of ship motion on peak spinal loading during lifting. All measurements were done on a ship at sea. In 1-min trials, which were repeated over a wide range of sailing conditions, subjects lifted an 18 kg box five times. Ship motion, whole body kinematics, ground reaction forces and electromyography were measured...
article 2008
Verver, M.M. (author), van Hoof, J.F.A.M. (author), Oomens, C.W.J. (author), van de Wouw, N. (author), Wismans, J.S.H.M. (author)
Objective. This paper describes the prediction of spinal forces in car occupants during vertical vibrations using a numerical multi-body occupant model. Background. An increasing part of the population is exposed to whole body vibrations in vehicles. In literature, vertical vibrations and low back pain are often related to each other. The cause...
article 2003
de Looze, M.P. (author), Steenhuizen, S. (author), Boeken-Kruger, M.C. (author), Baten, C.T.M. (author), Kingma, I. (author), van Dieën, J.H. (author)
People who know the actual mass of an object to be lifted normally prepare themselves before attempting a lift to control the movement and to minimize low back loading. In this study, the trunk muscular reactions and low back torque were investigated in the situation in which the individual did not know the actual mass but only had some idea of...
article 2000