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van Leeuwen, D.A. (author), Martin, A.F. (author), Przybocki, M.A. (author), Bouten, J.S. (author), TNO Defensie en Veiligheid (author)
In the past years, several text-independent speaker recognition evaluation campaigns have taken place. This paper reports on results of the NIST evaluation of 2004 and the NFI-TNO forensic speaker recognition evaluation held in 2003, and reflects on the history of the evaluation campaigns. The effects of speech duration, training handsets,...
article 2006
Kerstholt, J.H. (author), Jansen, N.J.M. (author), van Amelsvoort, A.G. (author), Broeders, A.P.A. (author), TNO Technische Menskunde (author)
An experiment was conducted to investigate the reliability of voice lineups. More specifically, the experiment was designed to look into the effects of retention interval (an immediate test or after a week), speech duration (30 or 70 s) and acoustic environment (indoors or indoors and outdoors) on speaker identification accuracy. In addition,...
article 2004