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Berzins, J. (author), Indrisiūnas, S. (author), Fasold, S. (author), Steinert, M. (author), Zukovskaja, O. (author), Cialla-May, D. (author), Gecys, P. (author), Bäumer, S.M.B. (author), Pertsch, T. (author), Setzpfandt, F. (author)
Optically resonant high-index dielectric metasurfaces featuring Mie-type electric and magnetic resonances are usually fabricated by means of planar technologies, which limit the degrees of freedom in tunability and scalability of the fabricated systems. Therefore, we propose a complimentary post-processing technique based on ultrashort (≤ 10 ps)...
article 2020
van Leersum, B.J.A.M. (author), van Leeuwen, G.M.J. (author), Zwamborn, A.P.M. (author), Lagendijk, J.J.W. (author), Hornsleth, S.N. (author), Kotte, A.N.T.J. (author), TNO Fysisch en Elektronisch Laboratorium (author)
conference paper 2000