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Hijma, M.P. (author), van der Spek, A.J.F. (author), van Heteren, S. (author), TNO Bouw en Ondergrond (author)
A proper understanding of coastal development during periods of rapid sea-level rise is a prerequisite for the prediction of future coastal response to the expected acceleration in sea-level rise. However, the development of back-barrier basins, especially in river-mouth areas, during such periods is still not well understood. Here we show the...
article 2010
Vermeulen, P.T.M. (author), Heemink, A.W. (author), te Stroet, C.B.M. (author)
Numerical models are often used for simulating groundwater flow. Written in state-space form, the dimension of these models is of the order of the number of grid cells used and can be very high (more than a million). As a result, these models are computationally very demanding, especially if many different scenarios have to be simulated. In this...
article 2004