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Monteiro, A. (author), Ribeiro, I. (author), Tchepel, O. (author), Sá, E. (author), Ferreira, J. (author), Carvalho, A. (author), Martins, V. (author), Strunk, A. (author), Galmarini, S. (author), Elbern, H. (author), Schaap, M. (author), Builtjes, P. (author), Miranda, A.I. (author), Borrego, C. (author)
Five air quality models were applied over Portugal for July 2006 and used as ensemble members. Each model was used, with its original set up in terms of meteorology, parameterizations, boundary conditions and chemical mechanisms, but with the same emission data. The validation of the individual models and the ensemble of ozone (O3) and...
article 2013