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Whyte, K.F. (author), Russell, D.J.F. (author), Sparling, C.E. (author), Binnerts, B. (author), Hastie, G.D. (author)
Understanding the potential effects of pile driving sounds on marine wildlife is essential for regulating offshore wind developments. Here, tracking data from 24 harbour seals were used to quantify effects and investigate sensitivity to the methods used to predict these. The Aquarius pile driving model was used to model source characteristics...
article 2020
Ligthart, M.E.U. (author), Neerincx, M.A. (author), Hindriks, K.V. (author)
In this paper we specify and validate three interaction design patterns for an interactive storytelling experience with an autonomous social robot. The patterns enable the child to make decisions about the story by talking with the robot, reenact parts of the story together with the robot, and recording self-made sound effects. The design...
conference paper 2020