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Aghaei, M. (author), Fairbrother, A. (author), Gok, A. (author), Ahmad, S. (author), Kazim, S. (author), Lobato, K. (author), Oreski, G. (author), Reinders, A. (author), Schmitz, J. (author), Theelen, M.A.H. (author), Yilmaz, P. (author), Kettle, J. (author)
The degradation of photovoltaic (PV) systems is one of the key factors to address in order to reduce the cost of the electricity produced by increasing the operational lifetime of PV systems. To reduce the degradation, it is imperative to know the degradation and failure phenomena. This review article has been prepared to present an overview of...
article 2022
Zhang, D. (author), Soppe, W.J. (author), Schropp, R.E.I. (author), ECN Part of TNO (author)
Optical simulations of 4-terminal hybrid tandem modules combining high-efficiency crystalline silicon (c-Si) cells with three different thin-film top cells respectively are presented. We considered three types of thin film PV cells: 1. Enlarged-bandgap oxygenated amorphous silicon (a-SiO:H) cells, 2. Wide-bandgap chalcopyrite (CuGaSe2) cells,...
article 2015