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Beltman, M. (author), Deurloo, J.A. (author), van Leerdam, F.J.M. (author), Wierenga-van der Hoeven, C.J. (author), Bulk-Bunschoten, A.M.W. (author), Kamphuis, M. (author)
Continence problems can occur during childhood. This guideline is for the Dutch Youth Health Care (JGZ) and gives recommendations for the prevention, early detection and treatment of these problems. As a preventative measure advices for potty training should be started in children aged 18-24 months. If incontinence is present, it is important to...
article 2012
Fiehn, O. (author), Kristal, B. (author), van Ommen, B. (author), Sumner, L.W. (author), Sansone, S.-A. (author), Taylor, C. (author), Hardy, N. (author), Kaddurah-Daouk, R. (author), TNO Kwaliteit van Leven (author)
Metabolite concentrations in cellular systems are very much dependent on the physiological, environmental, and genetic status of an organism and are regarded as the ultimate result of cellular regulation, resulting in the visible phenotypes. Therefore, the comprehensive analysis of metabolite levels and fluxes renders a suitable tool for...
article 2006
TNO Kwaliteit van Leven (author), Banta, H.D. (author), Thacker, S.B. (author)
Electronic fetal monitoring (EFM) was introduced in the late 1950s as an alternative to traditional auscultation by stethoscope or fetoscope in the management of labor and delivery. The new technology was seen as a valuable tool in the prevention of cerebral palsy and other adverse fetal outcomes and diffused rapidly into clinical practice. In...
article 2001