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Borth, M. (author)
Smart system of systems adapt to their context, current situation, and configuration. To engineer such systems’ behavior, we need to design and eval-uate system-level control strategies and the intelligent management of key scenarios. We propose a model-based approach called probabilistic system summaries to explore related design choices, e.g.,...
bookPart 2015
Hofman, W.J. (author), Bastiaansen, H.J.M. (author)
Currently, the fundamentals of a technical infrastructure for a logistics ‘systems-of-systems’ are laid, facilitating improved, more effective and efficient logistics services based on higher levels of self-organization. Through situation awareness with enhanced methods for sharing (real-time) data, logistic stakeholders can improve decision...
conference paper 2014
Cauwe, M. (author), Vandecasteele, B. (author), de Baets, J. (author), van den Brand, J. (author), Kusters, R. (author), Sridhar, A. (author)
The technology development for a low-cost, roll-to-roll compatible chip embedding process is described in this paper. Target applications are intelligent labels and disposable sensor patches. Two generations of the technology are depicted. In the first version of the embedding technology, the chips are embedded in an adhesive layer between a...
conference paper 2013