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Liu, L.C. (author), Sileno, G. (author), van Engers, T. (author)
The combination of smart contracts with blockchain technology enables the authentication of the contract and limits the risks of non-compliance. In principle, smart contracts can be processed more efficiently compared to traditional paper-based contracts. However, current smart contracts have very limited capabilities with respect to normative...
conference paper 2020
Honig, J.J. (author), Everts, M.H. (author), Huisman, M. (author)
Solidity smart contracts operate in a hostile environment, which introduces the need for the adequate application of testing techniques to ensure mitigation of the risk of a security incident. Mutation testing is one such technique. It allows for the evaluation of the efficiency of a test suite in detecting faults in a program, allowing...
conference paper 2019
Chia, V. (author), Hartel, P. (author), Hum, Q. (author), Ma, S. (author), Piliouras, G. (author), Reijsbergen, D. (author), van Staalduinen, M. (author), Szalachowski, P. (author)
Blockchain technology has become almost as famous for incidents involving security breaches as for its innovative potential. We shed light on the prevalence and nature of these incidents through a database structured using the STIX format. Apart from OPSEC-related incidents, we find that the nature of many incidents is specific to blockchain...
conference paper 2018