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Veerman, H.E.T. (author), Schleijpen, H.M.A. (author), Brettschneider, S.A. (author), Amram, R. (author)
The observable infrared signature of naval platforms is crucial in determining survivability and is therefore an important issue in warfare. Increased detectability in the EM spectrum leads to higher susceptibility against threats like sea skimming anti-ship missiles. The infrared platform signature is not a fixed quantity but a highly dynamic...
conference paper 2020
Schippers, P. (author), TNO Defensie en Veiligheid (author)
Since the late eighties the sonar performance model ALMOST for active and passive sonar has been under development at TNO. Modelling of active detection performance was first started for a point target, with a single Target Strength value dependent on parameters like aspect angle and frequency, based on measurements or other sources in...
conference paper 2009