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Geurts, C.P.W. (author), Bronkhorst, A.J. (author), Moretti, D. (author), Pruiksma, J.P. (author), Snijders, R. (author)
A study was undertaken to define which set of signal characteristics can be used to differentiate between various vibration sources in a built environment. Several datasets of vibration measurements on known sources are obtained and analyzed. A set of 11 signal characteristics were determined for all signals. Based on the correlation between...
conference paper 2020
Ebem, D.U. (author), Beerends, J.G. (author), van Vugt, J. (author), Schmidmer, C. (author), Kooij, R.E. (author), Uguru, J.O. (author)
The extent to which the modeling used in objective speech quality algorithms depends on the cultural background of listeners as well as on the language characteristics using American English and Igbo, an African tone language is investigated. Two different approaches were used in order to separate behavioral aspects from speech signal aspects....
article 2011