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Ainslie, M.A. (author), von Benda-Beckmann, A.M. (author)
To reduce the risk of impact on marine life of underwater sound generated by anthropogenic activities (such as offshore construction, seismic surveys and sonar searches), various mitigation measures are often put in place. Two commonly adopted mitigation measures are the soft start (or "ramp-up" – the two terms are used interchangeably) and ...
conference paper 2012
Koning, J.F. (author), Elzendoorn, B.S.Q. (author), Ronden, D.M.S. (author), Klinkhamer, J.F.F. (author), Biel, W. (author), Krasikov, Y. (author), Walker, C.I. (author)
Central, retractable tubes are proposed in several Upper Port Plugs (UPPs) designs for ITER, to enable fast exchange of specific components of diagnostics housed in these UPPs. This paper investigates into possible designs to enable the efficient handling of tubes. The feasibility of tube handling is analysed by first reviewing the designs...
article 2011