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Chanklia, G. (author), George, D. (author), Eleftherios, K. (author), van Vugt, J. (author), Paulo, M. (author), Rye, T.S. (author)
Modern design procedures in maritime transportation are faced by multiple challenges related to technical and operational constraints for safety, energy efficiency, cost effectiveness and environmental performance. These requirements, in combination with a wide range of machinery technologies, result in a complex landscape of solutions which can...
conference paper 2020
Georgopoulou, C. (author), Koukoulopoulos, E. (author), Dimopoulos, D.G. (author), Holmefjord, K. (author), Torben, S. (author), van Vugt, J. (author), Lecointre, L. (author)
The purpose of this paper is to highlight the stages where standardization is needed for model-based simulation as part of the holistic design and operational performance assessment of ship machinery systems. This need may rise in different stages of ship lifecycle, when model results are used and compared (e.g. as performance metrics for bids)...
conference paper 2019