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van der Burg, E. (author), Toet, A. (author), Brouwer, A.M. (author), van Erp, J.B.F. (author)
How we perceive the world is not solely determined by what we sense at a given moment in time, but also by what we processed recently. Here we investigated whether such serial dependencies for emotional stimuli transfer from one modality to another. Participants were presented a random sequence of emotional sounds and images and instructed to...
article 2022
Alais, D. (author), Leung, J. (author), van der Burg, E. (author)
Recent work from several groups has shown that perception of various visual attributes in human observers at a given moment is biased toward what was recently seen. This positive serial dependency is a kind of temporal averaging that exploits short-term correlations in visual scenes to reduce noise and stabilize perception. To date, this...
article 2017