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Frijters, C.H. (author), Bolt, P.J. (author), Poodt, P.W.G. (author), Knaapen, R. (author), van den Brink, J. (author), Ruth, M. (author), Bremaud, D. (author), Illiberi, A. (author)
In this manuscript we present the first successful application of a spatial atomic-layer-deposition process to thin film solar cells. Zn(O,S) has been grown by spatial atomic layer deposition (S-ALD) at atmospheric pressure and applied as buffer layer in rigid and flexible CIGS cells by a lab-scale (15x15 cm2) S-ALD set-up. We achieved values of...
conference paper 2016
Ben Messaoud, K. (author), Buffière, M. (author), Brammertz, G. (author), ElAnzeery, H. (author), Oueslati, S. (author), Hamon, J. (author), Kniknie, B.J. (author), Meuris, M. (author), Amlouk, M. (author), Poortmans, J. (author)
Modification of the absorber surface properties by Cd2+ treatment (Cd2+ partial electrolyte) results in the following: formation of Cd(OH)2 on the absorber surface, deposition of thinner chemical bath-deposited CdS buffer layer, and a smaller space charge region. The impact on electrical performances is as follows: decrease of the series...
article 2015