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Daniele, L.M. (author), den Hartog, F.T.H. (author), Roes, J.B.M. (author)
About two thirds of the energy consumed in buildings originates from household appliances. Nowadays, appliances are often intelligent and networked devices that form complete energy consuming, producing, and managing systems. Reducing energy consumption is therefore a matter of managing and optimizing the energy utilization on a system level....
report 2015
Benner, J. (author), Häfele, K.H. (author), Bonsma, P. (author), Bourdeau, M. (author), Soubra, S. (author), Sleiman, H. (author), Robert, S. (author)
The EU funded collaborative research project STREAMER aims on Energy-efficient Buildings (EeB), focusing on mixed-use healthcare districts. Besides innovations in EeB technology, special emphasis is laid on improving methodologies and tools used in the design process of new or retrofitted hospital buildings. STREAMER follows a model-based,...
conference paper 2015