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Reuten, A.J.C. (author), Smeets, J.B.J. (author), Rausch, J. (author), Martens, M.H. (author), Schmidt, E.A. (author), Bos, J.E. (author)
The introduction of (fully) automated vehicles has generated a re-interest in motion sickness, given that passengers suffer much more from motion sickness compared to car drivers. A suggested solution is to improve the anticipation of passive self-motion via cues that alert passengers of changes in the upcoming motion trajectory. We already know...
article 2023
Puylaert, S. (author), Snelder, M. (author), van Nes, R. (author), van Arem, B. (author)
Modern cars are increasingly being equipped with automated driving functions. For governments it is important to gain insight in the mobility impacts of automated vehicles. This is important as the introduction of automated vehicles affects current investment decisions about infrastructure projects and other policy measures like road pricing....
article 2019