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Spini, G. (author), Mancini, E. (author), Attema, T. (author), Abspoel, M. (author), de Gier, J. (author), Fehr, S. (author), Veugen, T. (author), van Heesch, M. (author), Worm, D. (author), de Luca, A. (author), Cramer, R. (author), Sloot, P.M.A. (author)
BackgroundHIV treatment prescription is a complex process. Clinical decision support systems (CDSS) are a category of health information technologies that can assist clinicians to choose optimal treatments based on clinical trials and expert knowledge. The usability of some CDSSs for HIV treatment would be significantly improved by using the...
article 2022
Erkin, Z. (author), Veugen, P.J.M. (author), Toft, T. (author), Lagendijk, R.L. (author)
Recommender systems have become an important tool for personalization of online services. Generating recommendations in online services depends on privacy-sensitive data collected from the users. Traditional data protection mechanisms focus on access control and secure transmission, which provide security only against malicious third parties,...
article 2012
TNO Informatie- en Communicatietechnologie (author), Erkin, Z. (author), Beye, M. (author), Veugen, P.J.M. (author), Lagendijk, R.L. (author)
Recommender systems are widely used in online applications since they enable personalized service to the users. The underlying collaborative filtering techniques work on user’s data which are mostly privacy sensitive and can be misused by the service provider. To protect the privacy of the users, we propose to encrypt the privacy sensitive data...
conference paper 2010