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Finck, C.J. (author), Henquet, E.M.R. (author), van Soest, C.F.L. (author), Oversloot, H.P. (author), de Jong, A.J. (author), Cuypers, R. (author), van 't Spijker, J.C. (author)
A 3 kWh thermochemical heat storage (TCS) module was built as part of an all-in house system implementation focusing on space heating application at a temperature level of 40 ºC and a temperature lift of 20 K. It has been tested and measurements showed a maximum water circuit temperature span (released by adsorption) of 20 – 51 K which is by all...
article 2014
Finck, C.J. (author), van 't Spijker, J.C. (author), de Jong, A.J. (author), Henquet, E.M.R. (author), Oversloot, H.P. (author), Cuypers, R. (author)
conference paper 2013
de Geus, A.C. (author), Isakson, P. (author), Bokhoven, T.P. (author), Vanoli, K. (author), Tepe, R. (author)
Within IEA Task 14 (Advanced Solar Systems) a working group was established dealing with large advanced solar energy systems (the Large Systems Working group). The goal of this working group was to generate a common base of experiences for the design and construction of advanced large solar systems. Sweden realised in Falkenberg a Central Solar...
conference paper 1996