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Damodaran, M. (author), Amelink, A. (author), Feroldi, F. (author), Lochocki, B. (author), Davidoiu, V. (author), de Boer, J.F. (author)
Scanning laser ophthalmoscopes (SLOs) have the potential to perform high speed, high contrast, functional imaging of the human retina for diagnosis and follow-up of retinal diseases. Commercial SLOs typically use a monochromatic laser source or a superluminescent diode for imaging. Multispectral SLOs using an array of laser sources for spectral...
article 2019
Damodaran, M. (author), Amelink, A. (author), de Boer, J.F. (author)
Retinal blood vessel oxygenation is considered to be an important marker for numerous eye diseases. Oxygenation is typically assessed by imaging the retinal vessels at different wavelengths using multispectral imaging techniques, where the choice of wavelengths will affect the achievable measurement accuracy. Here, we present a detailed analysis...
article 2018