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Burggraaf, J. (author), Groeneweg, J. (author), Sillem, S. (author), van Gelder, P. (author)
The field of safety and incident prevention is becoming more and more data based. Data can help support decision making for a more productive and safer work environment, but only if the data can be, is and should be trusted. Especially with the advance of more data collection of varying quality, checking and judging the data is an increasingly...
article 2019
van Nunen, E. (author), Esposto, F. (author), Saberi, A.K. (author), Paardekooper, J.P. (author)
This paper addresses safety indicators for truck platooning at short inter-vehicle distances (with a time gap of 0.5 s). The aim of a safety indicator is to determine the correct moment for initiating a Collision Avoidance brake action to prevent a collision with the preceding truck in threatening situations. Three safety indicators are selected...
conference paper 2017
van Kampen, J. (author), van der Beek, D. (author), Groeneweg, J. (author)
Organizations are searching for ways to gain insight into the level of safety in their company so that additional measures can be taken when necessary, and so the effectiveness of interventions can be measured. That said, measuring safety, health, and the environment is not easy. A survey among members of the Netherlands Society for Safety...
article 2014