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Huijbrechts, B. (author), Velikovaa, M. (author), Michels, S. (author), Scheepens, R. (author)
Deliver “actionable” intelligence instead of just raw information – this is what the Metis research project pursues for supporting operational work in domains characterized by constantly evolving situations with a diversity of entities, complex interactions and high-level uncertainty in the information gathered. Operating effectively in such...
article 2015
Hendriks, A.J. (author), van de Laar, P.J.L.J. (author)
Much, if not most, information needed to assess a crisis situation originates these days from cooperative sources such as the Internet and social networks. Public safety authorities face the challenge to compile this information of uncertain origin and quality in their situation understanding and response planning. Time matters: the integration...
article 2013